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What is Google Penguin

Google Updates

Google Penguin – Another Crucial Update to The Google Search Algorithm!
In April 2012 Google launched the update named Penguin to its algorithm. It was aimed at websites which had been manipulating the search results by using paid links or unnatural linking patterns as such from “Link Farm’s” or link networks.

It is thought that websites which had taken some sort of action when penalised by the Penguin update will recover some of the ranking.

Im not sure what backlinks to my website. Should I worry about Google Penguin?
We take care of all linking pattens and can locate and remove shady links if needed. We would never worry about links but are always aware of our linking partners and only use white hat SEO techniques with all SEO programs.

What is a Link Network
A link network or “Link Farm” is an organisation that sells links to your website to increase its popularity in the search results. This in turn rewards the website with a higher ranking that would normally be achieved for a chosen keyword.

Google Disavo – Removing Shady Backlinks
If you locate a website that is linking to your website, but for whatever reason is not a god linking partner then we would contact the website owner to request the link be removed. If on occasions the request is not replied to oe carried out the using Google Disavo you can let Google know that you are aware of this links and not to include it working your search algorithm.

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