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Google Sets Date to Penalise Non Mobile Friendly Websites

Google Updates

Beat Google’s new ranking signal with a responsive web design. Is your website Mobile Ready?


Google just loves to update and make changes to its search engine algorithm and from the 21st of April Google plan to roll out yet another game changer with an algorithm tweak that will directly penalise sites that are not mobile ready. This new ranking algorithm will include usability factors and app indexing and many more features. Ensuring your website is responsive and mobile ready is as important as ever.

Google has realised that more and more searchers are using smart devices while searching and viewing their favourite websites. Google is more or less giving you the thumbs up if your site is ready for this audience. Which is a no-brainer really when you consider that most people today have their head buried in some sort of device while relaxing or on public transport or simply going about our daily lives.

This is a biggie and Google has already contacted website owners DIRECTLY advising them on what to do. If your website has not been made as a responsive design which means it scales to the screen size or mobile ready via a plugin or code then your site falls into this category.

In short it is predicted that your ranking will be affected with this change if your website is not mobile and tablet responsive.

As mobiles and tablets grow in popularity, so does the web searches performed on these smart devices. Almost half of all searches in 2014 had been carried out on mobile device. Experts are dubbing this the Mobilegeddon as this particular algorithm shift is likely to affect millions of small business websites.

What is Mobile Ready Responsive Design?
When a website is mobile ready we mean that it will shrink and grow to fit the screen size that is being viewed. No need to pinch and stretch, although these options exist. The term coined for this type of website is a mobile responsive website design.

The Million Dollar Question is – Will This Affect My Site?

Short answer go here, type your websites address in the test box to find out:

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